Game-Changing Coffee

Kosar Coffee is enhanced with Vitamin D and Resveratrol to improve cardiovascular function, boost brain health, and reduce inflammation — all in one delicious cup!

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“The combination of the coffee bean and Vitamin D can help repair the liver, increase heart health, and benefit overall wellness.”
— Dr. Roizen, Founding Chair of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Elevate Your Health & Energize Your Day ☕️

At Kosar Coffee, we believe you deserve the best — and we’re here to provide it. Bernie founded this coffee with one goal in mind: to help you start your day right (with a healthy and energizing cup of coffee). Our coffee is made from 100% organic arabica beans because you deserve nothing less.

"Play offense with your health by drinking Kosar Coffee."

-Bernie Kosar, Former NFL Quarterback and Founder of Kosar Coffee

Features & Benefits

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